Health Care Reform Initiatives

Health Care Reform Initiatives
I will provide the articles
Read the three articles provided this week, and reflect on how these initiatives have impacted health care organizations.

Post a cohesive response to the following:
Describe how health care reform initiatives and mandates have impacted your organization. What changes in operations have been made in response to these initiatives? How well-organized were these changes? How have they offered measureable improvements in both clinical practice and performance? Explain how these improvements were a result of the reform initiative.

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Health care reform initiatives are strategic approaches which have a mission of improving the health of the United States population. A certain timeline is set to achieve these reform initiatives and it is applicable regionally as well as nationally and in cities and states.

One reform initiative is helping people to stay healthy. My organization is committed in ensuring that it complies with the provisions of law that advocate for the prevention of diseases. My organization has also started wellness programs that are focused on promoting physical fitness, stress management……………..words 362