Courts and Delinquency Intervention

Courts and Delinquency Intervention

Use the Ashford University Library to locate a journal article encompassing such topics as: court programs, sentencing, probation, and delinquency. You can use your research in your Final Paper, due in Week Five. Also, the Required and Recommended Resources, listed every week, are available to use as research for your Final Paper. Once you have found an article, provide the following information:

Correctly cite the article in APA format: name of journal, authors, title of article, location.

Summary of the article. Which type of crime intervention/prevention strategy is being addressed?

List key findings and recommendations.

Your initial post should be at least 300 words in length. Support your claims with examples from the required material(s) and/or other scholarly resources, and properly cite any references. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts by Day 7 and continue to support your arguments with examples from the required material(s) and/or other scholarly resources.




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According to this article, the number of prison sentences has been increasing. For instance, there was a 10% increase in 2014 in the number of individuals convicted compared to 2013. The reason behind this aspect has been the arrest of individuals charged with petty crimes such as stealing food. This increase is likely to increase public spending, which is already overstretched by current needs

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