Cybersecurity at Sony

Cybersecurity at Sony

Challenges for Fixing Vulnerabilities

Review the “Challenges for Fixing Vulnerabilities” activity.

Create a table comparing 5-10 cybersecurity incidents including a description, vulnerabilities that allowed it to happen, how it was detected and how it was resolved.

Include the following in the table for each incident.

  • Description
  • What vulnerabilities allowed the attack to happen?
  • How did the company detect the incident?
  • How steps were taken to resolve the incident?

Write a 175- to 350-word narrative explaining trends shown from the table.

Submit your assignment using the Assignment Files tab.

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Learning Team Collaboration: Challenges for Fixing Vulnerabilities
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You’ve been learning about various vulnerabilities and their associated risks during the week yet companies are not always able to fix all their discovered vulnerabilities.

Choose a company of your choice and research five of their most common vulnerabilities, threats, and risks.

Discuss what steps the company took to mitigate these vulnerabilities, threats, and risks. Which of these was the company unable to fix? Explain.

Company : Sony






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In many companies, there are times that they may face cybersecurity attacks or incidences which are aimed at breaching private data. This may not only damage the reputation of the company but also leak private information to the public. Sony is one of the major players dealing with the production of electronics and movies. In its operations, it is faced with an array of cybersecurity vulnerabilities……………………words 696