How does the grocery customer shop?

How does the grocery customer shop?

(What is the trends and behaviors in shopping.. what is the preferred method of shopping.. do they prefer in store shopping or online shopping)

What do guests value in a grocery shopping experience?

I need general details and facts. I also need specific details about the time they use to shop. And how long they wait in the lines to check out as much detail as you can. I also need all the sources for the information provided.

The consumer grocery shopping behavior analysis & the criteria that influence consumers’ grocery shopping choices), I need research more supportive ¬†evidence of theories or surveys data or graphs






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Grocery stores also known as supermarkets are familiar to everyone globally. They sell different types of products, foods, and other many items (Yee, 2003). For example, they sell an array of preserved and fresh foods, crucial for consumption and preparation at home. They also sell packed foods such as salads for takeout meals. Customers

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