Management Information Systems

Management Information Systems

Introduction to Management Information Systems

Read at least three (3) academically reviewed articles onĀ Management Information Systemsand complete the following activities:

(Wikipedia articles will not be accepted. Professor will check originality of all posts).

1. Summarize all three (3) articles in 300 words or more. Please use your own words. No copy-and-paste

2. Discuss at least 3 different concepts presented in the articles. As an IT professional, how would you apply the three (3) concepts you identified.

Please use APA throughout.



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The advent of technological advances in agriculture has enable the transformation of farm management information systems from simple recordkeeping techniques to the more complex and sophisticated management systems that use modern technologies to manage production. This transformation has been necessitated by the increased demand for agricultural products, expectation of high quality agricultural products and improved safety standards…………………..words 711