Describe a notable experience that you have had in operations management.

Describe a notable experience that you have had in operations management.

Now that you have read about operations management, you have likely realized that you have been a part of some sort of operations management (OM) function in the past, whether you directly worked in an OM-related function; knew of or worked with someone who was carrying out an OM function; or were even simply a customer.

In your discussion, describe a notable experience that you have had in operations management. Was this a service or manufacturing operation, or both?

In response to your peers, describe how this experience compares to what you have learned in this module. Was there anything that you found to be interesting?

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document.

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1-1 Discussion: Your Operations Management Experience

Diana Smith posted Jan 4, 2021 5:50 PM

Greetings all,

Operation Management is prevalent for all walks of businesses and their production along with maintaining an organized backbone. I am very excited about this class because I have experienced the ins and outs of my personal business for 10 plus years. I was everything from store owner, to marketing, selling products, stocking shelves, inventory checks and making sure the products were in great condition. I also helped my husband on the end of the year inventory checks and if we had a loss in products and checking to see how our production was running through our finances.

Owning a business is very stressful and has perks to building relationships with your customers and enjoying the hobby you loved to do as a business owner. We took pride in everything that we did for the store from top to bottom. We built and designed our store and was not afraid to get dirty in the mix of it. There are pretty days and not so pretty days. I loved to see the different functions of every piece flowing through the store and we were always on deck and prepared on shipping, cost of goods, ETA, quality for the customer, and finances of cash flow.

My store was a great memory and we did the best we could during COVID. Our business was one of the thousands to suffer during the pandemic and we unfortunately had to close. Our store was considered an OM and was a stand-up store for our customers for all the health and wellness needs. Maybe one day in the future we could open up again, but in the meantime, I am going to focus on graduating in 04/2021 with my Bachelor’s in Business Admin to help my position in HR for the company work for.


Diana Smith

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1-1 Discussion

Rosemary Sladky posted Jan 4, 2021 1:47 PM

In this module I learned that OM helps us know how goods and services are produced and how it is a costly part of an organization. Out of the ten strategic operations management decisions I have had experience with human resources, job design and work measurement, inventory management and scheduling. In a previous job I worked for a smaller local grocery store that had three store fronts in and around Pittsburgh. I started in the produce department and eventually moved to front end manager. As a produce department employee, my responsibilities included checking in orders and assisting with taking inventory in the walk in coolers and what was on the floor multiple times a week. This information was critical for ordering and meeting the needs of our customers. When I checked in orders, I needed to not only make sure all items arrived but that arrived safely and undamaged. Damaged goods were reported immediately and documentation needed completed to return the product back to the supplier. As a front end supervisor, my responsibilities included scheduling the front end staff of cashiers and cart attendants effectively and efficiently to meet the needs and flow of customers. I also performed human resource functions by on boarding all staff to all departments including their orientation and completion of paperwork such as I9s. Currently I work for a non-profit organization as a trainer in the operations department and key job duties fall under the human resource category as they include training and onboarding new hires as well as veteran staff. We have a team of 5 trainers and each winter we work on refresher training for all staff to strength skills, knowledge and other attributes needed for the position as well as work on programs that help motivate and engage employees. Both the grocery store and the non-profit organization positions are examples of OM in service based organizations.


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Describe a notable experience that you have had in operations management.


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