I want to be an Immigration Lawyer

I want to be an Immigration Lawyer 

Write a 2-3 page (700-800 words) essay about your career goal and plans to achieve it. In Unit 1, you watched videos and read about possible career options. You may need to conduct some additional research to learn more about your career choice. Consider the following questions in your essay:

Identify your career goal and write about what makes it so attractive to you

What made you interested in the law in the first place?

In what environment would you want to work (a large or small law firm, government agency, independent law practice, nonprofit organization, lobbying group, etc.)? State the reasons why this environment appeals to you.

Now that you have identified your career goal, what do you need to do achieve it (for example, what are the education requirements? Is any certification required? etc.)? What path will you pursue to get there?

What opportunities will open to you as a result of a college education?

What skills and tools have you acquired in this course that will help you in your path to achieving your career goal?

How can the Kaplan Career Resources Center assist you in achieving your goal?

Save the essay as a Microsoft Word (.doc) document with a name you will remember. Be sure to include your name, your instructor’s name, and your section on the first page. Submit your essay to the Dropbox.

Length should be 700-800 words.(

Viewpoint and purpose should be clearly established and sustained.

Assignment should follow the conventions of Standard American English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.).

Please cite to any outside sources used in preparing your essay.

Writing should be well ordered, logical, and unified, as well as original and insightful.

Your work should display superior content, organization, style, and mechanics. To submit your Assignment, click on the Dropbox tab. Then choose the Unit 8 Assignment Dropbox.

To submit your Assignment, click on the Dropbox tab. Then choose the Unit 8 Assignment Dropbox.





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        Illegal immigration into America is a significant offence that can amount to deportation of oneself. Many people wishing to immigrate to America get frustrated when it comes to the chase of legal paper work. Usually, the chase for legal immigration creates frustrations to the people than helping them (MC Whirter &Robert, 99). The objectives of immigration lawyer are to promote justice, advance the quality of nationality and immigration, and advocate for fair and legal immigration policy and law.


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